Switchgears are an important component of your industrial operation, offering the functionality you need for optimal performance. They are designed to protect your employees, electrical system, electronic equipment, and machinery against unnecessary damage or harm. Your switchgear installation provides your facility and its electrical system with safety and the secure knowledge that you are doing everything you can to keep your industrial facility working at optimal level. Our dedicated electricians offer industry knowledge, dedicated performance, and years of experience.

Low Voltage Switchgear

Designed and installed to interrupt 1,000 volts AC, low voltage switchgears protect your electrical system by providing necessary switchgear control and isolation. They protect people against the failure of insulation through the provision of residual devices, fuses, circuit breakers, and continual monitoring of the system. They safeguard your circuitry against short circuits and overloads. They also protect your motorized equipment against overheating through the inclusion of thermal relays.

Low voltage switchgear is designed to separate the circuit from the power source so that your employees can work safely without incurring any harm to people or to the equipment. Our dedicated electricians install all of your switchgear equipment up to national standards and codes. These professional technicians provide and install controls for your switchgear that enable your employees to conduct modifications whenever necessary. This is a job that requires the skills of an individual who knows what he is doing, so it is in your company’s best interest to obtain the services of a licensed electrician with a strong background in industrial installations.

High Voltage Switchgear

Designed to interrupt 35,000 volts AC, high voltage switchgears provide protection against interrupted power caused by short circuits or overloading, safeguarding the electrical grid from unnecessary damage. It utilizes a series of circuit breakers, electrical disconnects, and a variety of fuses to isolate your electrical equipment. This setup enables your high voltage switchgear to clear faults located within the system, enabling experienced electricians to service and maintain the system.

OCA Electrical installs various types of high voltage switchgear circuit breakers for internal use, including oil, gas, air, and vacuum. Our electricians have the expertise needed to install high voltage switchgear equipment to efficiently prevent arcing.

Please contact OCA Electrical for your low-voltage or high-voltage switchgear needs. We complete installations, maintenance, repairs, and designs for all styles of switchgear.

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