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Los Angeles Electrical Wiring

Los Angeles Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring – Get It done Right the First Time

Los Angeles Electrical wiring is an integral part of your house construction. If you don’t get it right the first time, the amount of money and energy spent on correction can be quite significant. We will describe below some of the common mistakes by first time house owners and what you can do to avoid these mistakes.

Not Factoring in the Layout Changes

When your home is designed, it might have a specific layout plan. However, what most owners do not realize is that their room and furniture layout ideas are limited to the electrical outlets and lighting points available. If you were smart at the design stage about the wiring plan, you could change the layout of the rooms every few years and surprise your guests.

As far as possible, be liberal with the electrical outlets and lighting points. Have them on opposite or alternate walls (if not on every wall) instead of having it on a single wall in the room.

Power Outlets for Heavy Duty Appliances

If you have appliances such as portable heaters and irons, make sure that there is at least one power outlet in the room that is capable of taking the load. You might want to add a split air conditioner in one of the rooms a few years after you move in and if it does not have a heavy duty power outlet, then getting rewiring done will also involve some amount of cosmetic damage to the wall. A Los Angeles licensed electrician will be able to recommend additional wiring points based on your future requirements. In hindsight in a few years time, you will realize that this was money well spent. Consider providing additional electrical outlets for heavy duty equipments in your kitchen and dining area, especially for a refrigerator, microwave and mixer-grinder.

Inverters for Power Back Up

Power cuts are common these days. However, most houses are equipped with a power back up system with inverters being the most popular amongst them. If you live in an area with erratic power supply, make sure that adequate provision is provided for adding an inverter into your electric circuit. Talk to your electrician about the number of appliances, lights and fans that must function on the inverter so wiring plan can be done in advance.

As discussed above, a little bit of foresight at the construction stage can save you a lot of problems later.




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