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Top Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety on Commercial and Business Properties

Top Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety on Commercial and Business Properties

Top Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety on Commercial and Business Properties

Owning and managing a commercial building comes with a unique set of important responsibilities, one of which is taking care of occupants by establishing and maintaining electrical safety. Taking care of electricity safety will not only protect you from financial implications in case of an accident, but also go a long way in promoting employee welfare and business reputation. Here are a few recommendations you can follow to ensure electrical safety in commercial and industrial buildings.

Choose Licensed Electrician
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In case you are involved in the original construction of a building, it is most important to hire a licensed Los Angeles electrician well versed in all the latest building codes. Consulting a licensed electrician can help ensure install professional grade wiring is installed and the best safety standards are followed. A commercial electric system requires special attention to various aspects such as insulation, guarding and grounding to support a wide variety equipment, devices and specialized needs. An experienced commercial electrician can help in wiring design and deliver fast, professional installation along with safe maintenance services.

During Renovations and Extensions

It is imperative to hire to hire a qualified electrician for renovations and building extensions since some of the work is likely to take place during office hours when staff are on the premises. Professional electricians look after compliance with building codes and make sure that workers do not trip or come in contact with electric equipment while work is in progress, thereby preventing worker injuries. Without proper care and attention, injuries due to electric accidents can be devastating resulting in electric burns, electric shock and partial or permanent loss of muscle control.
Stay Safe with Regular Inspections
Make plans to schedule regular inspections by a qualified, licensed electrician to test your building’s electricity system for potential problems such as circuit overloading, faulty equipment or connections, lack of proper earthing, improper wiring, code violations and other electrical defects. A licensed electrician can ensure your building meets current NEC codes, deliver actionable reports summarizing everything that needs to be addressed and carry out necessary repairs at the earliest.

Take Care of Emergency Lighting

How would you ensure occupant safety in case of a power outage? It’s important to have a backup plan and install an emergency lighting system that does not use main supply. In case of emergency, the system will automatically kick in and provide occupants with safe evacuation. The emergency lighting system should be installed and checked by a qualified Los Angeles electrician to ensure it functions efficiently during a power outage.
Fires are a common result of electric malfunctions and having good quality smoke detectors installed at strategic places by a skilled electrician will go a long way in preventing a potentially serious situation from going out of control. Periodic rehearsals of fire drills will ensure complete preparedness in case of a real time emergency situation.
In case you have any concerns about the electrical system of your commercial building, consult an experienced, licensed Los Angeles electrician for professional advice.


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