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Bring Out the Beauty in Your Room

Bring Out the Beauty in Your Room

Designer Lighting – Bring Out the Beauty in Your Room

A room’s true beauty can only be brought out with some innovative lighting ideas. In the last few years, designer lighting options have increased thanks to cheaper LED technology. It is now not uncommon to find designer lighting used even in bathrooms. If your house is in need of a makeover, changing the lighting from ordinary light bulbs to designer lighting might be one of the cheapest ways to transform the look and feel of your house. Let’s examine some of the best ideas used by interior designers these days.


Focus Lights

If you have a wall with photographs or a showcase, focus lights are a great way of subtly enhancing the beauty of that wall. You will find sconces with LED focus lights in the market that can be installed easily with the help of a licensed electrician. You can even have focus lights installed on the wall for your study table, so you can free up the space taken by a table lamp. Focus lights are also great for the exteriors of your building and for the patio.

Concealed Lighting

The concept of concealed lighting has now found its way to homes from offices, bars and discos. The light bulbs are not visible directly as they are hidden behind a false ceiling or a wall partition. If you would like to unwind after a long evening over a drink with your friends or would like to relax with your partner, concealed lights are a great way of enhancing the feeling of relaxation. A professional interior designer will be able to easily guide you through the design and installation process with the help of an electrician.

Fixtures and Brightness   

Depending on the type of interiors (furniture and furnishings), you can choose different types of fixtures (sconces) – from antique or Victorian to contemporary. Some sconces are also adjustable in its direction, so it gives some flexibility in your lighting arrangement for the room. Adding a pedestal lamp to your living room can greatly enhance its beauty.

Chandeliers are expensive, but if you can afford it, there are many beautiful designs available in the market at a fraction of the cost compared to a few decades ago. Pendant lights are a cheaper alternative to chandeliers and will look great in the dining area. Make sure that you choose the wattage carefully. Depending on the room or the corner, the light should not be too bright or too dull. Some designers also suggest layering of light by using ambient lighting and focus lighting.


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