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No matter which county you are located in, our Los Angeles electricians are ready to assist you with your plans for a new addition. Our staff has the skills, knowledge, and experience required to complete all of the necessary wiring tasks. Our technicians make sure that all of the electrical work meets local, state, and federal ordinances ahead of time, so you never have any problematic issues regarding codes.

Major Projects and Electrical Work

If your addition involves the skills of several different types of contractors due to the large size of the project, our licensed electricians can work with them to ensure that your specifications are fully met. Collaboration is critical to the successful completion of your addition.

Why Choose OCA Electricians to Complete Your Electrical Work?

Prompt, courteous, and dedicated to the provision of exceptional customer service, all of our electricians are highly trained and licensed. Our licensed electricians deliver each of the following:

.   Quality work

.   Efficiency

.   Great cleanup

Electrical Additions and Circuitry

Any remodel, renovation, or addition is going to necessitate a few changes in your existing circuitry. You’ll need more power, outlets, and switches, surge protection, as well as new lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and more.  Our technicians relocate any circuits involved, while ensuring that none of the breakers are overloaded.

When needed, our electricians also install brand new circuits to handle the additional power load. For sensitive electrical devices as well as those appliances that draw high levels of energy, our servicemen install dedicated circuits that include appropriate surge protection. If we determine that subpanels are needed, we will install those as well in order to accommodate your new circuits.

Electrical Addition Services

Whether you are adding an entire new room or simply making changes to your existing electrical system, here at OCA Electrical Services, we are prepared to complete all of the following types of tasks for you:

.   New wiring

.   Updated wiring

.   General outlets

.   Dedicated outlets

.   Isolated-ground circuits

.   Vent fans

.   Ceiling fans

.   Smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors

.   Surge protectors

.   Lighting receptacles

.   Switches

.   Telephone and computer jacks

.   Heating and cooling systems

.   Security systems

.   Sound systems

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