Risk management is an essential element for any business operation, but even more so for the extensive power needs of industrial facilities. As part of your risk management services, your company should invest in the peace of mind that is obtained with thermal imaging and infrared inspections. These services are designed to identify problematic electrical issues in the making rather than waiting for them to erupt into full-scale catastrophes that put your facility temporarily at a standstill.

Most commonly, an electrician isn’t called in to make repairs or install replacements until a piece of equipment stops working properly. When this happens, the cost of the repair can become quite expensive, particularly when you take into consideration the loss of productivity that time-consuming repairs often create. Instead of waiting for your problem to emerge on its own, why not bring in a professional electrician to conduct an all-inclusive infrared inspection to assess your electrical system in its entirety?

Diagnostic Capacity of Infrared Inspections for Industrial Facilities

Infrared inspections and thermal imaging are designed to determine the existence of electrical problems that remain hidden within your energy power system. They provide a thorough examination and a comprehensive diagnosis of each of the following electrical components within your plant:

  • Air compressors
  • Boilers
  • Bus connections
  • Circuit breaker panels
  • Cooling system controls
  • Motor control center
  • Motors
  • Power transformers

What Does Your Electrician Look for During Infrared Inspections for Industrial Facilities

During your infrared inspection, your licensed electrician searches for and identifies all signs of the following problems in your electrical/mechanical equipment:

  •  Circuit overloading
  •  Clogged motors
  •  Contact wear
  •  Ground loop current flow issues
  •  Loose or bad connections
  •  Misalignment of drive couplings
  •  Phase imbalances
  •  Problematic oil levels for switches
  •  Problematic oil levels for transformers
  •  Stress on the fuses

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Some of the Benefits of Infrared Inspections

As you probably know, during your facility’s infrared inspection, the electrician looks for signs of problematic issue ranging from small problems to large ones. One of the advantages of this process is that he is able to identify problems in their earliest stages of development. If you follow the electrician’s advice regarding this problem, you can circumvent costly repairs and damages by resolving the issue while it is still relatively small and easy to manage.

Making the necessary repairs or modifications to your electrical/mechanical systems at the time of the infrared inspection or immediately after enables you to keep your plant up and running at optimal performance, safeguarding your productivity and profitability. This saves time and money, as well as frustration.

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