LED Lights

Providing a number of benefits over incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are available in a wide selection of options, all of which deliver cost effective illumination. In addition to being energy-efficient, LEDs are inexpensive to install new or to retrofit. Illumination provided by LEDs is even, bright, and available in different colors. Customers can choose from among a wide variety of styles that meet most common illumination needs.

Ceiling lights: Featuring flat mounting capability, LED ceiling light styles are good options for most rooms. As with all LED lights, the illumination is distributed evenly, creating well-lit spaces in homes, offices, and businesses. This style of lighting is inexpensive to install and operate, providing a low-cost option for individuals/companies looking to cut daily costs.

Flood lights: Providing even illumination at an affordable cost, this style of lighting is available in a wide array of styles. Each type provides a durable lighting solution that delivers the kind of safety that can only be created by flood lights. OCA Electrical can install LED flood lights for accent lighting purposes, landscaping designs, garages, parking lots, storage areas, and oversized rooms or lots. The installation of flood lights enhances the security of your property.

High bay lighting: Perfect for use in manufacturing facilities, storage warehouses, gymnasiums, aircraft hangars, and other large buildings, this style of lighting provides a cost-effective solution that generates uniform illumination. Today’s LED high bay lighting is less expensive to install than earlier versions. Due to the longevity of this type of lighting, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Post Top Fixtures: Combining good lighting quality with affordability, LED post top fixtures are functional as well as decorative.

Recessed lighting: Providing fixtures that are flush with the ceiling, LED recessed lighting is the ideal solution for rooms with low ceilings. They produce evenly distributed illumination, and they are inexpensive to install and run.

Rope lights: Available in several attractive colors, LED rope lights are perfect for special needs such as decorative displays, advertising presentations, and event arrangements.

Wall pack: This style of lighting is well suited for illuminating the exterior perimeter of your building, bringing security to your premises. Several types are available, but they all provide an affordable option that is also UL listed.

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