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Save Power at Home

Save Power at Home

Am I Doing Enough to Save Power at Home?

Electric power like water is precious. Electricity is generated either from a hydro electric power plant, a thermal/ natural gas power plant or a nuclear power plant and is heavily dependent on several natural resources for its production. The more we save electricity, the better we do in terms of conserving water, using less pollutants such as coal and ensuring that power is saved for future generations. What are some of the simple steps you can take at home to conserve electricity?

Switch Off When Not in Use

Switching off the light or fan when stepping out of the room may not come as a natural habit to most of us. Leaving the iron powered on and forgetting all about it is something most of us have been guilty for at least once in our lifetime. Falling asleep while watching TV, leaving the refrigerator door ajar, or the window open when the AC is switched on; are all little extras that add on to your monthly electricity bill. While you might be happily paying the extra amount on the bill, remember that you are not doing much to help conserve nature and its resources.

List down all that you can do to reduce your power consumption, just by making some minor adjustments to your daily routine. Learn to use daylight more and avoid sitting up late in the night. If you are living in a humid area, check with your architect how natural ventilation can be improved at your home.

Consider Changing your Appliances and Lights

A lot of research is being done into how appliances and light bulbs can use lesser energy to power themselves. Every few months, you will find new technology in devices that improves the power rating over its previous iteration. Light bulbs have changed so much in the last decade from incandescent 60 watt bulbs to LEDs that are equally bright but consume a fraction of the power.

Your electrician will be able to suggest simple, but cost effective steps that you can take to save power. While you may not be able to invest in new energy efficient appliances immediately due to their cost, your electrician can help by changing your lights and light fittings to more energy efficient models such as LEDs.

Over time, you will also realize that the monthly power bill is a lot less than what it used to be.





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